"Backyard Collage"



100+ 4"x6" photographs, FoamCore






One day, while watering my garden in Bryan, TX, I moved the waterhose back and forth when I noticed a rainbow. When moving the hose in a circle, it was almost like the waterhose had turned into a paintbrush and I was painting a rainbow-colored circle. I never knew that rainbows were a full 360° around. The ring you see is actually a rainbow created by the spray from the waterhose. Notice the details: my toes, my shadow, my hand, the waterhose and spraygun, the Miracle Gro bag, the 1986 Dodge truck, and more... Now, the greatest part of all: it's 3D! The pieces of photographs are mounted on FoamCore that has been built up in strategic places.

Check out the other photos below to see detailed views of the collage!



November 2005
































You can see the depth from this angle!

Detail of the Shadow and Toes

Detail of Hand, Hose, Nozzle, and Rainbow

Detail of Miracle-GroPotting Mix and the 1986 Dodge Ram D150