"Backyard Collage"


100+ 4"x6" photographs, FoamCore




One day, while watering my garden in Bryan, TX, I moved the waterhose back and forth when I noticed a rainbow. When moving the hose in a circle, it was almost like the waterhose had turned into a paintbrush and I was painting a rainbow-colored circle. I never knew that rainbows were a full 360° around. The ring you see is actually a rainbow created by the spray from the waterhose. Notice the details: my toes, my shadow, my hand, the waterhose and spraygun, the Miracle Gro bag, the 1986 Dodge truck, and more... Now, the greatest part of all: it's 3D! The pieces of photographs are mounted on FoamCore that has been built up in strategic places. Check out the other photos to take a look!


November 2005