Graphite on Vellum




A client came to me with a drawing of what he wanted. [See image below the logo on the right.]

He is a professional rodeo clown and announcer and wanted to place a logo on business cards, poker chips, and other various promotional material.

When doing a logo design for a client, it is extremely important that you obtain as much detailed information from them concerning the final product.

He told me that he wanted the following:

  • His initials (M.H.M.) incorporated into the logo
  • He wanted a longhorn skull as the "H" surrounded by his initials.
  • The longhorn skull was to somehow have some sort of metal/copper/concrete incorporated into the design
  • The overall look should have an "Affliction" style and/or a "Rock & Roll" look to it

After showing the client his new logo, he was excited! He loved it and could't wait to put it on every surface he could find!





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